Pasir Putih Beach is one of the popular beaches among Blitar tourism lovers, it located in Peh Pulo , Sumbersih village, Panggungrejo distric. It has own attractiveness, although sometimes the tourists misunderstand that this Pasir Putih beach is Peh Pulo beach.

Sand coast spans are quite large, but still less spacious if compared with Pasir Putih beach Pasetran Gondo Mayit. There are rocks at several points of the coast that are visible when the sea water is receding. Blue sea water on the beach is also quite alluring. From the beach looks an island called the  Celeng (wild boars) island, usually the anglers rent boats and ask fishermen to accompany them to go to the island for fishing.

Facilities on the Pasir Putih beach are available practicall complete, now has started there is a stall that is open every day even though only one. While other stalls only open in every weekend . Lush of spruce trees have been able to take shelter even though not same shade like on the Serang beach yet .

Although there is already a gate for paid a tickets in the village, but when tourists come on a regular work day there is not appear a ticket guard. So the tourists can get in without having to pay a ticket (free).

Getting There

The way to Pasir Putih beach, tourists can not follow the guidelines on google maps, because it is not valid for now. According to google maps, you are required to go to the Serang beach and walk on food to the Pasir Putih beach. This is due, the village road to the beach are made form of cast that has not been detected on google maps. Jelajah Blitar team has been trying to provide feedback to google, hopefully soon be corrected.

The journey to the Pasir Putih beach from Kanigoro take south through Sutojayan then take the route to the Serang beach. Arriving at the banyan tree there is Panggungrejo three junction take the left route towards to the Kaligambir village. From Kaligambir village follow the main road to find directions notice to the Pasir Putih beach. Follow the route on the main road. There are already several directions at the intersection showing the route to the Pasir Putih beach.





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