Peh Pulo beach popular among netizens is one of the most beautiful beaches in Dusun. Peh Pulo, Sumbersih village, Panggungrejo districts. A beach with not enough sprawling beachfront but with really white sand and pretty sea water. There are some trees that are shady enough to take shelter. However, there is currently no facilities around the Peh Pulo beach that cause by the access is quite difficult.

Four-wheeled vehicles can not reach the beach, they can only reach to the Pasir Putih beach located in the west coast Peh Pulo beach. Two-wheeled vehicles can reach up the hill and down by on foot though not too far away. Be side it can also follow the broken road slightly twisted then to close to the beach, it still needs to walk again to reach the beach. From the beach, visitors can see the small islands that are beautiful. Not even a few netizens call that Peh Pulo beach is the Blitar’s Raja Ampat .

Getting There

To go to Peh Pulo beach is actually the same as Pasir Putih beach at Sumbersih village. It’s just necessary to east as far as 1 km from Pasir Putih beach in the Sumbersih village. Four-wheeled vehicles can getting there, especially for a high enough, but if parking above there is no way to intersect with other vehicles such as trucks so it is not recommended.





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